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Thousands of people do not belive in christ. You think christ is a joke, houx, and just a made up myth like
santa claus or the tooth fairy.

But, when you were a kid you did believe in such things as the easter bunny, santa, and the tooth fairy.

Why? Because when you woke up there was candy, there were toys, and your tooth was gone and
a quater had took it's place.

It was the things you were told and the things you saw with your eyes. If you looked and I mean really
look, you would see that all the proof you need is right in-front of you.

Look at the sky, the clouds, the grass, the moon, and all the things of earth. How do you explain it?

The earth didn't just pop up out of no where, it was created by God. The only God.

God gave his only son for us. Jesus. He lived a perfect life and he gave his life for us!

For us the ones who do bad and un-speakable things. I know it's hard to understand, espcially
when people try to force you to understand and accept God as our saviour.

But I will not and do not force anyone to believe in anything they aren't ready to believe in.

You may think this is a bunch of crap, but it's true. All I'm doing is writing the truth, because
I want to help you and answer any questions you may have.

Now let's get on to some questions!

Question number 1:  If God is real and he is perfect then why would he forgive someone like me? When
I have done nothing but terrible things?

Answer: God is perfect and he hates it when we sin. But we all sin on earth. We need to accept him into
our hearts & know that God gave his son Jesus to us to save us. We need to understand that Jesus died on
the cross for us and that God is the Messiah. The ONLY messiah. Once we accept Jesus, God doesn't see
our sins but Jesus Christ.

Question number 2: I've heard & read about the stuff that happens after the vanishings.
 And the stuff that happens freaks me out, if all of it is true then why would God to that to this world?
The world he created? Why punish the ones who simply did not know about him?

Answer: But by hearing his name and his word you do know about him. You've heard about who he is
and what he's done for us. Like he gave his only son to us. People think hey if he's real let me ask him
to do something for me. To give me money, let me fall in love, or something that will prove his exsistence.
But it's not him who needs to prove himself to us. He has already done so. I think it's us who need to
prove ourselves unto him. We were put on this earth for a reason. No one knows what that reason is,
but God. I like to try to think of it though. To try and figure out why I am here, or anyone really.
I  have came up with many things, but there is one in perticular I think makes more sense to me.
I like to think were here as a test of faith. To see if we can believe without seeing God and being raised
by him personally. I also like to think some of us are here to inspire and help others believe and help
save them. Not just from the devil, but from the lies. To help others know the truth. But who knows?
Until we get to meet God some questions will remain un-answered.

P.S. When God comes back and get's his people for the first time and the non believer's are left behind.
He is not punishing the world, he is trying to warn all of you. Because he loves you and does not want you
to go to hell when you die. He has told you everything that will happen in the Bible. It's up to you to
decided weither or not you trully believe in him. And let's face it, just by saying you do and pray does
not make you saved. God and you really know if your saved.

Religion for me isn't about pushing people to believe or to try to act like I'm above everyone else. Trust me I am far from perfect and usually it's people pushing me about everything. Don't do that, don't do this and I get mad. Angry and I don't feel sorry about it. I never yell at someone unless it's for a reason, I have my faults. & I have my likes and dislikes. But who doesn't? Who am I to judge you or me? Who am I to be telling you what to believe in or what not to? No one. I'm simply me and that's all I can be. I can't change your mind if it isn't what you want. I've had people push me down and make fun of me. I'd be lying straight through my teeth if I said I never let people get to me. Because they do all the time and I let them. I shouldn't. But I do. I've asked why so manytimes. Why me? What did I do to deserve this? Then I realized I didn't do anything. It was my fault I was blaming other people. I feel like I'm slowly slipping away some days, and others just faded into the background with people constantly coming at me. So I ask God to help me get through the day and that I put my life in his hands. And he does. Even when it doesn't feel like it. My family isn't the most....picture perfect family? Were like any other family, but we come with more complications and promblems than any family I know. Were a little...okay no that's a lie. Were disfuctional to the core. They can drive me to the point of insanity, but they can also brighten my day just the same. Well....maybe not just the same. But, if they try hard enough they certainly do brighten it. They love me and I love them. Sometimes It's hard to see that. But through the cracks, I can see they do care about me like I do for them. I've heard the saying "God works in mysterious ways", have you? When I think about that, I know it's true. Yet at the same time, It makes me think. A lot. It's hard for people in general, to belive that there is a Heaven. A place so glourious and peacful with angels, golden sidewalks, and huge mansion just for you. I mean does that not seem crazy? Then again isn't everything crazy? I mean Heaven is paradise for everyone, including me. When you've lived in a double wide with nine other family members, living on a dirt road, surrounded by nothing but family, and you've had to take care of babies since you were twelve all your life, wouldn't think so? Yea I know right? =p :)

I guess the point I'm trying to make is...everyone needs something (someone) to believe in. I know I do. How about you??? So religion for me is having fun with my friends and having direction. Otherwise I'd be running off the side of the road into the dark without sight. So why be lost when you can be found?
I am so laughing right now...lol.....!!! Sorry it's just....am I the only one who thought that was corny? But on a more serious note: Believing isn't seeing. & what's so bad about being found?

I'll up-date soon Make It Or Break It will be on soon and I've got a baby to take care of. Oh & I'm hungry! :)

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Chase (djaq on bn)
2/1/2010 07:27:28 am

Hi Taylor! This is Djaq on BN. Although I'm not religious, I like your website and especially the different examples and ideas you brought to the reader concerning God and Christ. Normally, when people talk about Christianity they are always focused on saying how their opinion is obviously the right one, and there IS in fact a God and Heaven. And, frankly, that does not make me, someone not religious, think "Oh, yeah. I better switch to this religion, because this person just ranted to me about how God is great and all powering!" ... No.
But what I like about your site, and the ideas and opinions you write about, is that they make people think. Not say "Um. Ok, not going near those crazy people telling me about my sins!" Or atleast, that was how I found the site to be. Your not saying "I love God! You need to as well!" it's more of showing people life with God, and how you should think about the world. It's also more comfortable to me, and other people not religious, because sometimes there are those really awkward moments when people are basically shoving in your face "THIS IS GOD!" and your like .. "Uh.. thanks. But no thanks."

Lol! Sry for ranting! :D

2/8/2010 05:58:08 pm

Good luck with your website! Keep the faith!


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